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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Marquette Turner - Changing the Face of Real Estate

It is no secret that Marquette Turner are something different! We are keen to educate the public to ensure that as many people we deal with are "property intellectuals". Whilst such a concept may not seem particular akin to real estate, Marquette Turner's desire to form long-term relationships with vendors, buyers, tenants etc - who ultimately became great and trusted friends - rather than focus on "the quick buck" whereby we can not see past a property transaction ultimately means that by educating those that we come in contact with provides great long-term benefits to all involved.

We have both youth and experience on our side. We have a hunger, boundless enthusiasm and Entrepreneurialism that quite easily makes us stand-out from the local agent that has little desire or interest in looking beyond "getting a listing, getting a buyer, and getting a commission". They have no incentive to do anything more, which ultimately means that the customer's and clients that are unfortunate enough to come in touch with them will rarely receive an experience that is outstanding.

This is one of the significant reasons that makes Marquette Turner so unique. We are in a position to look to the long-term, which means that our immediate actions, as well as those in the near and distant future are always in the best-interests of everyone.

Both Michael Marquette and myself are constantly looking at other industries to see how we can "do things better". You only have to see some of the huge press coverage that our unique Concierge service received in the national and local press to see how we really are trying to raise the bar in a service industry that is renowned for offering, at best, a very average service experience.

The Marquette Turner team is excited at any opportunity to demonstrate what sets us apart from "traditional agents". Thus whether you're a tenant, vendor, buyer, or just someone that is interested in learning more about real estate, please feel free to contact any of us. Call 1300 737 778 or visit

You can even Skype us on Marquette Turner and Marquette Turner1! Simon Turner