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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Should I rent or should I buy?

The Marquette Turner team frequently are asked the question "should I rent or buy?" And this isn't just for first-home buyers, but also investors.

Whilst everyone's personal circumstances obviously vary, and with the price of real estate in capital cities these days, it is certainly an important question.

Whilst there is not a simple answer, here's a useful link that can help you decide whether you would you be better off, financially, if you rented and invested instead.

Try moving the investment return assumption up and down to see what a difference it makes. See

Simon Turner

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Marquette Turner said...

After open homes today I am extremely excited about property sales on Sydney's Lower North Shore. Neutral Bay property is emerging as a real estate hot spot, with a unit in Barry Street attracting over thirty buyer groups in just half an hour. Even more astonishing was the response to the added security measures for vendors which we at Marquette Turner introduced in the last two weeks, which require each buyer to show photo ID to enter each property. This helps to protect the vendor and the security of each property and I am extremely excited by the number of buyers looking for property in Sydney. Marquette Turner's innovative Concierge service helped to refresh prospective purchasers with complimentary water and non-alcoholic sparling wine. For anyone considering selling the Lower North Shore is yet again proving to be a real attraction to buyers from both sides of the harbour.The auction on October 27 is likely to be fiercely fought.

Michael Marquette